This e.p.a. European Youth Exchange took place in Liverpool in the North West of the UK. It brought together 60 young people to discuss and debate under the theme “Hope2cope”, share and care, whilst living in societies of political and democratic deficit, social neglect and financial chaos.

Our young people come from communities with fewer opportunities: an orphanage in Bucharest (Romania), with migrant/refugee backgrounds from Hamburg, Speke in Liverpool (UK), the geographically isolated Siberian regions of Tyumen and Kurgan (Russian Federation) and from Feodosia-Crimea (Ukraine), facing enormous political and economical challenges.

Programme and methodology were focused around the participants, who presented their Cities/projects and during the two weeks, presented each a self designed and organised Workshop on the theme of “Hope2cope”. These workshops were at the creativity of each group and presented in varied ways.


This project is funded by
the European Union