International Youth Exchange "Our voice, our choice, our community"

Under the theme "Our voice, our choice, our community”, the International Youth Exchange in Madeira and Lisbon, Portugal, will bring together for 2 weeks 60 young people from youth groups in 7 European countries:,, Má,,, and Madeira &

The IYEx follows the successful Exchange “Tutti uguali - tutti differenti: Young Europeans come together to learn how to embrace Human Rights” that took place in Palermo, Sicily, in 2017. 

It continues e.p.a.’s commitment to Democracy and Human Rights education in international youth work and has as its main objective to support youth work practice in European disadvantaged communities through enhanced media skills of young people. 

The project fosters youth empowerment, intercultural dialogue and international networking in partner groups, supports their democratic and participative community development by creating conditions for young people to raise their voice for their rights.

Encouraged by the success of the community “Radio.Zip” of the Eco-estilistas, the Portuguese hosts of this IYEx, we are going to learn HOW to speak it up using media as a supporting tool for youth participation, thus encouraging and qualifying young people and their groups to enhance their community commitment by integrating media literacy into their daily work. 

The voice of youth gets more weight in their society and their work reaches more visibility. The awareness for their role as active citizens with equal rights strengthens peace-building effects and intercultural dialogue in disadvantaged communities and contributes to develop a Europe, where all people can live in dignity and peace.


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This project is funded by

the European Union