Young people, raise your voice - Europe can hear you!

This CPM + e.p.a. International Youth Exchange has brought together 60 young people from Lisbon (PT) Hamburg (DE), Liverpool (UK), Ljubljana (SI), Málaga (ES), Bratislava (SK) and Palermo (IT) from 18th July - 1st August 2013 in Slovenia.

We arrived in Bohinjsko Jezero, visited Ljubljana, stayed in the 2013's "European Youth Capital" Maribor and finally spent some days in Portorož at the Adriatic Sea. Watch the video below to get an idea of the beauty of the venues.

Over 14 days all young people presented their projects and communities, learned about life in Slovenia, presented their prepared workshops on the theme "Young people, raise your voice - Europe can hear you!", shared intercultural insights from their countries and communities, participated in intercultural evenings and self cooked meals, visited places of historical and cultural interest, organised public actions e.g. a play day, a recycling material fashion show enjoyed social interaction with young people from many different nationalities / ethnic backgrounds.

Furthermore the programme - we discussed during our advanced planning visit 11th - 14th May in Ljubljana - was based on daily plenary meetings with playful energizers, workshops on the theme (mainly prepared by the participating groups), small group discussions, meetings with youth initiatives, local projects and celebrating intercultural community activities, mid way evaluation, final evaluation, comments, looking forward and planning of future networking.


Our programme can be downloaded below.


This project is supported by
the European Union