Up4Change – with Thoughts Care and Play!

Up4Change brought together in Albania from 18th - 25th of May 2014, 33 young colleagues from 25 countries focusing on the Mediterranean, the Central and Southern Europe region.

We invited to:

  • debate share and learn about the role of Play and Non-formal learning in our work.
  • reflect/change our working methods and learn play skills through the training and informal learning we do at the Seminar.
  • understand and become aware of the changes taking place in Albania and other ex-totalitarian states.
  • address the issues facing our young people today.
  • think and reflect on changes – the financial meltdown, the after math of the wars in Ex-Yugoslavia – and how we are affected.
  • share our experiences of working with young people from disadvantaged communities.
  • care for each other and the children we meet, to play and use creativity in all our activities.

With thoughts, care and play, get Up4Change! Read our introduction leaflet for this activity ...




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